Value of Online Beekeeping Courses

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Value of Online Beekeeping Courses

Online education is a growing trend that has been changing the mode of teaching, especially by universities. This model of education has made great strides in quality of instruction, affordability and general acceptance by constituents. Yet, can this model of education be effective in the beekeeping industry? Let’s compare the convenience of online beekeeping courses vs classroom instruction.

Online Beekeeping Courses

A beekeeper, or potential beekeeper, who lives far from an institution offering beekeeping courses can greatly benefit from courses offered online just based on convenience and affordability.

The topics covered online are the same as hands-on instruction. Online Beekeeping courses are available for all levels of beekeepers and cover topics such as: biology, behavior, hive management, swarming and equipment.

The major benefit for online courses is time convenience. Typically, online courses will vary by schedule and model from one website to another, but what underlies the very concept of an online provision is the concept of time convenience. What this means is that once a beekeeper has subscribed to the course, they then reserve the choice of when to go through the provides notes or practical examples presented in the online class simulation. With this feature, online beekeeping classes are increasingly becoming the best choice for some.

In addition to convenience, affordability is the second major benefit for students. The majority of courses range from free to $200. With benefits such as convenience and affordability, online beekeeping courses are quite appealing.

Classroom Instruction

The biggest concern with online education is the missed hands-on instruction. Unlike online courses in-person beekeeping courses are commonly consolidated into several days and cover topics for beginners (like beekeeping basics) to topics for advanced beekeepers (like hive management and alternative methods of raising queens).  Beekeeping basics are the most common courses and include content such as assembling hives and opening and examining colonies, which can be more challenging to learn online without the hands-on experience. Topics such as disease and mite prevention and hive management and honey production could be easier content to learn in an online format.

Online Beekeeping Courses Available

If you are considering online beekeeping courses, you can views some of the links where the online courses are available and create your own opinion on the topic:


With such hands-on attention to detail and relationship building with bees required to be a successful beekeeper, can the fundamentals of beekeeping really be taught online? What do you think?


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