Honey, What’s Your Label?

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Honey, What’s Your Label?

Best Honey Jar Labels

When it comes to putting your bees’ hard work on display in the grocery store or at a farmers’ market, you sell your product short if you don’t first wrap your jars of amber nectar in an equally gorgeous label. While you could stand around and tell every passersby that your honey is full of flavor and love and care, people are like bees: we like pretty things. While there are likely as many different designs for honey jar labels as there are bees in the world, there are a few big decisions to consider.

Classic Designs

There is a certain feel to some honey jar labels that fits into the “classic” category. Classic labels usually proclaim “HONEY” in large letters, prominently feature the brand and packaging city, and aren’t cluttered with much else. Simple colors and simple designs, classic labels hearken back to the age of General Stores. The label for Cedar Grove Orchard Honey is a clean, crisp example of a classic label.
ceder grove orchard honey

Clear Design

Clear labels play up honey’s natural beauty. Logo, ingredients, other fun facts and such hover over a background of glowing honey, underscoring the purity and clarity of the product. The VitaMore Manuka Honey label is able to display a lot of information about the honey inside without completely covering it up.

Manuka Honey Label

Modern Designs

When it comes to modern design, less is more. The cornerstone of a good modern honey jar label is a bold central image that invokes classic honey jar themes – hives, honey dippers, bees – with a twist. The Waitrose Honey label incorporates the bee as a part of a stylized “E.” It doesn’t list much more aside from basic information about the honey and the brand.waitrose honey label

Another modern label design, Marlie’s Pure Honey label features a minimalist honey dipper. Both of these examples are also clear labels, which makes the design pop.

Marlies Pure Honey

Cartoony Designs

The fourth basic type of honey jar label features cute bees, flowers, and fun fonts. Cartoony honey jar labels makes honey more appealing to children, and it looks adorable sitting on a grocery store shelf or in a cupboard. The Talking With Bees Wotton-under-Edge Honey label uses the simple color scheme of a classic label, but the font and images are in a cartoony style.

talking with bees wotton under edge honey

Another cartoony design, My Local Honey label is bright, has a cartoon bee, and has a simple and easy-to-remember name.


Labels to Buzz About

A stunning feat – and one that makes for a pretty radical honey jar label – is when one label fits into several categories. Here are a couple of the best honey jar labels that are buzz-worthy. The unknown clear label uses the simple color scheme found in classic honey jar labels, has the bold, simple design of modern labels, but the image skews almost into cartoon territory.


Another best honey label design is, Rogue Bee Honey label is clear, has the simplicity and spark of a modern label, but the bee is a cartoony outline with a bright flare of color.

rouge bee honey label

The most successful honey jar labels are clear, to the point, and add a bit of pizzazz. Whether that pizzazz be through a nod to classic honey styles; a clear label to highlight the honey inside; minimalist lines; or a cartoony brand mascot, that’s up to you!

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