Feeding Bees

feeding beesNew bees will need to be fed while they are getting acclimated to their new surroundings. A Boardman Feeder is included with most new hives and is placed in the entrance to the hive, but you must be careful that other bees do not steal the syrup your bees are being fed.

Another, safer, option is to place the sugar syrup inside the top cover near the hole in the inner cover. This way only your bees will be able to access the syrup. Bees can and will consume large amounts of syrup during this initial stage, so check the syrup level regularly. Once your hive begins to produce honey, it is a good idea to keep some honey for feeding the bees during the winter and early spring as honey is the best food for bees. Only feed bees when and if they need it, for example, if there will not be enough honey in the bees’ stores to get them through the winter with the brood they have and keep the adults alive too, they will need to be fed.

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