Extracting Honey

extracting honeyOnce you think your hive is ready for harvesting the honey, the first step will be to put on your safety gear and use your smoker to remove the bees from the super. You will know your frame is ready for harvest when it is nearly covered by the honey come.

There are several methods used remove the feeds from the frame or the super. Tools range from bee brushes to gas or electric blowers. Once the bees are removed from the frame, you can start the uncapping process. The combs will be covered in a wax that requires a tool to access the honey inside. Most beekeepers use an electric uncapping knife. Using a scaping motion, you will want to uncap combs.

Once the combs have been uncapped, you are ready for the extracting of honey. The most effective method is to use a honey extractor. The extractors range from the economical hand crank versions to the more convenient electric extractors. The extractor will spin the frames forcing the honey to the walls of the extractor. The honey will then compile at the bottom of the extractor drum.

The last step is to bottle the honey. Using the spigot at the bottom of the extractor  you can easily fill your container with the golden honey. Although you can use plastic or other materials, glass jars provide the best traditional option to retain the authentic, rich taste of the honey.

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