Examining the Hive

examining the hiveDuring the ‘off season’, winter, inspecting your beehive once a month is enough. During the warmer, busier seasons, once a week may become necessary. During the spring and summer you want to check that there is enough pollen and honey for the bees. You will also wan to check┬áthat the queen is still laying eggs, which indicates she is healthy. As long as there are eggs and brood visible, she is still healthy. You also want to check that there is enough room for the queen to continue laying and that there is enough room for workers to continue storing food. You must be very careful when moving parts of the hive as bees that have been crushed send a smell that makes the other bees want to sting. You must also be careful with how long you keep your hive open as bees from other colonies may fly in and begin stealing from your hive.

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