Choosing a Hive Location

bee hive locationChoosing the right location for your hive can have an impact on how productive your bees are and, in turn, how much honey they produce for you. Bees can travel over a mile to find pollen and nectar, but are more productive with sources of both closer to the hive. In the U.S., facing the hive entrance to the South is the best way to get the most work out of your bees as they usually fly from morning until early afternoon; if the bees see the sun earlier, the earlier they will start work.

It is also a good idea to have a water source near your hive as bees need water to cool the hive during hot weather and to dilute honey. Although, be aware that bees can drown in deep water. Also, bees are affected by temperature and do not work if it is too hot or if it is too cold. Honeybees can not fly if it is too cold, yet they do not work if it is too hot out either.

Providing a small amount of shade for your bees is recommended, but they do not like too much shade. You must also consider your neighbors when deciding where to place your beehive; most people won’t want bees flying across their back garden all day. A high wooden fence is recommended in the same direction as the hive opening. This way the bees will have to fly over the fence and above neighbors homes as well.

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