Bee Sting Treatment

ANYONE Stung who is ALLERGIC or Suspected of being ALLERGIC to BEE VENOM should receive IMMEDIATE MEDICAL CARE!

How to Treat Bee Stings

By Sarah Borroum
bee stingWhen a bee decides that you’re in its way, the resulting sting is painful – for you AND the bee. Their barbed stingers lodge in the victim, causing half of the bee’s guts to pull out after the attack.

Knowing that the bee just killed itself, however, does not make the sting any less painful. The venom in your system collects at the sting site, causing a swollen lump – and lots of pain.

Here’s how to ease the pain, make the swelling go away and otherwise treat that nasty sting.

First, you’ll need to remove the stinger. Some experts – such as researchers from California and Pennsylvania – have found that the most important thing is to remove the stinger as soon as possible after you’re stung. Even if the quickest removal involves tweezers, you should get the stinger out as fast as you can. The longer this nasty thing remains in your body, the more you will swell up afterward.

You should gently wash the site with soap and water. Keep the area clean for the next few days, as this will help the healing process. Also: don’t use bandages. The site will heal faster if it’s exposed to air.

Take an antihistamine – such as Benadryl – to reduce swelling. Always follow the recommended dosage instructions with any drug that you take. With antihistamines, prepare for the resulting drowsiness so that you won’t have to drive or otherwise endanger yourself and others.

You can also take an acetaminophen to help make the symptoms go away. While you’re in the medicine cabinet, look for a topical anti-itch cream, such as hydrocortisone or calamine lotion. These will relieve the itching.

Ice packs will help reduce the swelling and itching. Don’t leave the ice on your skin for more than ten to fifteen minutes at a time.

You can also apply different home remedies to the site. Some people use deodorant, meat tenderizer (mixed with water), or a paste made from baking soda and water.